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Renewable Energy Jobs: Making the Promise of a Clean Energy Economy Work for You

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Renewable energy jobs offer a firsthand, hands-on role in the emerging clean energy economy. They signify a significant economic, environmental and cultural shift happening in our lifetime. And even in its infancy, this clean energy economy indicates a whole new playing field for employment opportunities in all 50 states and for all walks of life.

Renewable Energy Jobs Are Here Now...

According to the definition developed by the Pew Charitable Trusts, the clean energy economy advances the following: clean energy production and energy efficiency, the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, waste and pollution, and the conservation of water and natural resources through jobs, commerce and investment. And according to Clean Edge's Clean Tech Job Trends, renewable energy helps comprise one of the leading clean tech job sectors with jobs in (1) Solar, (2) Biofuels & Biomaterials, (3) Smart Grid & Energy Efficiency, (4) Wind Power, and (5) Advanced Transportation/Vehicles taking the top five for job activity.

Top 10 States for Clean Energy Job Announcements for Q1, 2015

  1. Georgia
  2. California
  3. Texas
  4. New Mexico
  5. Michigan
  6. Colorado
  7. Virginia
  8. Utah
  9. Maryland
  10. Indiana

Source: CleanEnergyForAll.org

They're Growing...

The Pew's The Clean Energy Economy: Repowering Jobs, Businesses and Investments Across America also indicates strong job growth with green energy jobs outpacing jobs on the whole by almost two and a half times between 1998 and 2007. This growth combined with encouraging public and private investment trends, a presence of these jobs in every state and its inherent environmental benefits indicates that the clean energy economy packs a promising punch ushering in a new epoch of smarter innovation and progress toward true sustainability. 2015 Update: According to Environmental Entrepreneurs (E2), a national nonpartisan business group, almost 10,000 clean energy and clean transportation jobs were announced across the country during the first quarter of 2015. This is almost double the number E2 tracked during the same quarter a year ago.
Mavenjoy Extra: Check out how clean energy is working in your state.

Top 10 States for Clean Energy Job Announcements
(Q1, 2015)

  1. Georgia
  2. California
  3. Texas
  4. New Mexico
  5. Michigan
  6. Colorado
  7. Virginia
  8. Utah
  9. Maryland
  10. Indiana

Source: CleanEnergyForAll.org

And They're Quality Jobs...

Not only do these positive job creation numbers ramp up the buzz that this could be the next major jobs and wealth boon comparable to that of the computer age, but job wages and job security associated with clean tech and green energy jobs are also promising. Clean Edge conducted an annual survey of clean tech sectors to determine median salary and wage compensation for entry-, mid- and senior-level positions that showed competitive pay levels across the board.

With Something for Everyone...

Evidence further supports that these are high quality employment opportunities from entry level to professional positions with good wages and both short- and long-term job stability. And all kinds of existing occupations have a role to play -- construction laborers, plumbers, machinists, mechanics, accountants, engineers, and educators. Actual job opportunities range from the specific like solar panel and insulation installers, energy auditors and LEED-certified architects to broader trade types such as electricians, assembly line workers, mechanics and maintenance technicians to work in biofuels and wind turbine manufacturing plants and construction programs. And a variety of training offers even more possibilities.

The What, Why, How & Wow of Finding Renewable Energy Jobs

Green Dream Jobs

The What: Green Dream Jobs is SustainableBusiness.com's job board focusing on clean and renewable energy jobs plus related green sectors.

The Why: SustainableBusiness.com is clearly and genuinely committed to helping green businesses grow with an understanding that these businesses are vital in effecting a more equitable and ecologically sound economy. 

The How: Their green job service demonstrates a vested interest in the process by choosing quality job listings from qualified employers (see our "Wow" below) and thereby attracting a proficient, loyal pool of talent. Jobs may be searched by City, State, Country, Skill Level, Category or Keyword and are listed by Post Date.

The Wow: Green Dream Jobs presents the most streamlined results for genuine green job opportunities that we've found on the web, backed by an entire site full of information supporting genuine green business development. Green Dream Jobs posts job openings from employers "that clearly embrace sustainable business practices and/or have high quality environmental jobs" thus each job listing carries their "seal of sustainability". This added due diligence by SustainableBusiness.com serves as a great "prequalifier" for job seekers, a direct channel to dedicated candidates for employers and a solid leap toward a more sustainable economy. Their commitment and authenticity shines throughout all the issues they cover, so be sure and check out the News, Investor and Business sections too.
Mavenjoy Tip: Their newsletter covers each of these areas with timely picks and just the right amount of information to keep you up to date and informed.

More Clean Energy Job Finders

  • **New Listing** Solar Training Network
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  • CleanTechRecruits
    CleanTechRecruits is an extensive employment website specifically targeting clean technology companies that have renewable energy jobs to fill and connecting them to job seekers. Their primary focus is renewable energy with a sampling of 10-15 current jobs highlighted on the home page and quick links to popular searches including jobs by Sector (e.g. solar jobs, wind energy jobs), State, IT jobs, Internships, Entry Level Openings and more. Free registration allows job seekers to browse all jobs as a list or filter by Job Function (e.g. accounting, draftsman, technician, etc.), Country, State, Compensation Range, or Employment Type. Registration also allows you to upload your resume with photo and receive job alerts matching your criteria preferences. To ensure job opportunities are current, job posts expire automatically after thirty days.

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  • Acre
    Acre is a sustainability services company showcasing job opportunities that span corporate responsibility, sustainability, environment, health and safety and energy for corporations, consultancies, NGO's and non-profits worldwide.
  • Environmental Jobs (formerly Stopdodo)
    Search green jobs and environmental careers worldwide or break out sustainable jobs as a specific category list + other eco jobs like ecology and wildlife -related. Jobs are listed by Job Title, Employer, Level Required, Location, Deadline and Age of Post. Searching may be further refined by Keyword, Category, Location, Job Type, Job Status, and/or Experience Level. Job Seekers may post their resumes and customize job alerts via email to receive monthly, weekly or daily -- all for free!

Mavenjoy Extra: Check out the US Dept. of Energy's Clean Energy Jobs & Career Planning Online Resource to find training, internships and career guides in addition to job opportunities. 

  • CleanTechies Job Board
    The CleanTechies Job Board is geared primarily to those seeking professional positions in renewable energy and related industries. Jobs are posted by date with Job Title, Company and Location but may be further refined by Job Title, Job Type or Keyword. CleanTechies also provides news and trends in clean tech as well as other career resources and services.
  • GreenJobs
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  • RenewableEnergyWorld.com Jobs
    This Renewable Energy Network for news, information, and businesses includes a job- listing page for renewable energy jobs from around the world by date listed.

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