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Sustainable Live*Work*Play celebrates sustainable ways of living and doing business and the people and ideas making them happen. It's an online resource dedicated to the strategies, best practices and inspiring finds that grow individuals, communities and yes, even economies as we live, work and play.  Sustainable Live*Work*Play is published and operated by Mavenjoy Media. Mavenjoy is committed to finding and sharing sustainable business and lifestyle information that benefits a greater good. Mavenjoy is creating a platform to better connect, inform and inspire those interested in learning more about sustainable choices, most especially from our independent and small businesses and organizations. Media with a mission, as we like to say! 

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Founder's Note

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The spark behind Mavenjoy Media involves both a personal wanderlust to bridge passion and purpose in my own living, working and playing, and the extraordinary people and ideas I've discovered along the way that are doing just that. The common thread lies in an approach that considers the social, environmental and economical impacts in all we do -- from the ordinary, everyday decisions like what food we eat or products we buy to larger choices about the jobs we choose or the kinds of businesses we create.

And since sustainable, at its most literal, means capable of being sustained then how we live, work and play should be simple, affordable and satisfying enough that we want to and do practice it in our daily lives again and again and again.

For me, the appeal of sustainability started simply and even innocently enough. A quest for better health, (then) living simply, (then) more meaningful work ultimately led me out of the rat race of life and into the beauty and wonders of mountain living. My background in economic-community development and one-on-one work with hundreds of business, social and civic entrepreneurs showed me both the wisdom of and obligation to more sustainable development. This work also taught me the power and potential of entrepreneurship (especially among our very smallest businesses!).

So it is that Mavenjoy Media was conceived and evolves as part resource, part tribute and part bully pulpit for advancing more sustainable and meaningful practices for how we might live, work and play. The internet serves a suitable medium for the "take it or leave it" empowerment that it affords both me and you. I share this information in the humility not to define what is "the best" or "only way", but simply that it might be "a" way. A way that moves something in me enough to want to put it out there just in case it might for you too. As E.F. Schumacher said,

"Perhaps we cannot raise the winds. But each of us can put up the sail, so that when the wind comes we can catch it."

- E. F. Schumacher, Small is Beautiful

Sustainable Live*Work*Play is made up of the sails in my life that the people, practices and ideas presented here provide me.

As for the name, Mavenjoy...Maven, for its Yiddish roots conveying a knowledgeable enthusiast driven to share information with others. And joy, for the source and hoped-for result of the information Mavenjoy Media delivers. It also happens to be my middle name.

So welcome to the found-it, love-it, gotta-share it collection of a full-fledged information junkie fiercely passionate about sharing inspiring finds and tips for enthused living, working and playing!

And Last But Far, Far From Least...

The Mavenjoy muse, CDO (Chief Dog Officer), and resident Zen master...

Chief Dog Officer, zen dogAlabama Grace (Bama)

PHOTO: Copyright © 2010, Courtesy of Meyer Birnbaum Photography

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