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Anxiety - Peppermint Oil

by Mavenjoy

The CDO (Chief Dog Officer) at Mavenjoy is a sensitive soul. So we always keep a bottle of peppermint oil handy to calm her when she becomes a "nervous nellie" like during thunderstorms or when the smoke alarm starts howling.

Sometimes just opening a bottle of peppermint essential oil does the trick or adding a few drops to a diffuser has been good practice when we have to leave her alone. We'll also gently massage some peppermint flavored oil (the kind used for cooking, we like the organic peppermint flavored oil made by Frontier from the spice aisle of your grocery or health food store) on the pads of her paws, and she just mellows out. This method is particularly effective because she'll sometimes decide to lick the oil off her paws which nicely preoccupies her like two built-in "all-natural" lollipops.

Pretty simple yet amazing stuff, and it travels well so we keep a bottle in the car for road trips too.

(Note: never give or apply pure peppermint essential oil directly onto your pet, always dilute with a carrier oil or try peppermint flavored oil)

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