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Community Supported Agriculture: The Mother Lode of Good Food

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No Local CSA?  No Time? No Problem! Introducing Organic Produce Delivery, from the farm to your door!

You could say Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) does it all. It provides natural and organic food, in season and locally by allowing consumers to invest in a farm early each season and reap a share of its harvests for that year. CSA is an ingenious structure giving consumers a vested interest in nearby farms and assuring farmers a dedicated customer base each season.

Community Supported AgricultureGot CSA?

Some of my all time best eating experiences have come from the (all too brief) seasons we belong to a local Community Supported Agriculture program. We invest a reasonable (and extremely worth it) sum of money with a local farm at the start of planting season, and then share in its weekly harvests from approximately May through October. But Christmas comes every Friday when we open our box of the freshest, brightest most amazing vegetables, fruits, herbs and every now and then a little lagniappe of honey, eggs, even flowers.

A Feast for the Senses, Belly and Soul!

Truly, truly once you taste, even cut into, a potato dug from the dirt yesterday you will wonder what that bland, pasty thing smuggled in as everything from mashed to French fried could have been. A potato is wet, glistening and juicy with such flavor and earthy sweetness that you'll never need to hide it under cheese or douse it in the fryer again! Eggplants, tomatoes, chard, carrots, cabbages (and the joyous rediscovered potato) -- all dazzle in myriad colors we didn't even know existed in produce. We get to know our native crops like ramps, cushaw squash, and kudzu (some of the best jelly ever -- see there's something good in everything!). And we get quite creative with our preparation skills to make sure we enjoy every single thing in that box before next week's bounty arrives (can you say, rhubarb pie, rhubarb bread, rhubarb lemonade...).

Are you a small food producer? Check out the latest and greatest resources for farmers and food providers featured on our Local Food Find-It Guide.

Community Supported Agriculture helps satisfy that inner farmer in all of us and provides the next most direct route for getting seasonal foods fresh from the farm. Consider talking to your area farmers about initiating a CSA program -- we desperately need more CSA sources across the country in every community, urban and rural. CSAs offer us an essential dedicated and direct connection between our family farms and our communities and some of the best food you'll ever eat!

See if you're one of the lucky souls with a CSA near you... check out Mavenjoy's roundup of favorite local food finders for everything from CSA's, local farmers markets and farms to restaurants, B&B's, and much more or try these locators exclusively for Community Supported Agriculture programs:

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Find It Guide: CSA

Find Community Supported Agriculture Near You

Want a taste of what a CSA is like? Follow along with our Week in the CSA Life... for each week's harvest with tips + menus, recipes and more!

  • Locate a CSA Near You - Robyn Van En Center
    An excellent resource of over 1,400 CSA farms across the United States maintained by the Robyn Van En Center at Wilson College in Pennsylvania. A straightforward interface allows you to search for Community Supported Agriculture programs by farm name, state, or zip code. Please help keep its database up to date by adding your CSA farm to the list. 

No local farmers market? No CSA? No time to shop?
No problem! Check out organic produce delivery, whenever you want, as little or as much as you want...

  • Find a Hazon CSA Community
    Search over 40 Hazon CSA communities in the U.S., Canada and Israel. Each community page includes information about the associated farm, pick-up site, harvest schedule and community events. Members receive access to fresh, organic and local produce for weekly pick-up from their synagogue or JCC for an entire harvest season. Hazon's CSA program is the first Jewish CSA program in North America and provides a platform for synagogues and JCCs to offer educational programs within and outside of the CSA community. All are welcome to become members.

  • Equiterre: Find a CSA in Canada
    For those of you in Canada, Equiterre allows you to search for your CSA (or aka Organic Basket in Canada) by region and you can specify Fruits, Vegetables and/or Meat preferences. Summer and Winter availability! Bon appétit!

The Rodale Institute has compiled a very helpful collection of websites, books, journal articles and other resources about starting a Community Supported Agriculture program

A Week in the CSA Life - Foods, Meals & Recipes

We get a lot of questions about what's in a weekly CSA box and how to use all those CSA goodies. So...we're going to list each week's produce + tips, menu ideas, recipes and more about how we enjoy the season's finest. We're stoked to get started and ready for some amazing fresh food, so follow along...

Hooray! This year's CSA has begun! BIG huge shoutouts to our farm provider, Sun Dog Farm and to Blue Ridge Grocery for making it possible -- please check both out and give them your support. In a sweet turn of serendipity, this is the exact same farm that introduced us to community supported agriculture over a decade ago, just new farmers...and a great name!

CSA By the Week...

Click on the links below to read, rate and comment on each week's harvests...

CSA 2014: Weeks 8 & 9* 
Week 8 Included: Carrots Basil Cucumbers Squash Garlic Roma Green Beans Fennel And Week 9 Included: Squash Green Beans Cucumbers …

CSA 2014: Weeks 6 & 7* 
Week 6 Included: Garlic Kale Swiss Chard Carrots Beets Potatoes Parsley, Cilantro And Week 7 Included: Kale Garlic Carrots Cucumbers …

CSA 2014: Week 5* 
Week 5 Included: Kale Radishes Parsley & Cilantro Head Lettuce New Potatoes Spring Onions Fresh Garlic Bulb And here's what we did with our …

CSA 2014: Week 4* 
Week 4 Included: Head Lettuce Baby Kale Spinach Arugula Asian Greens Garlic Scapes Radishes Fennel Fronds Here's what this week's produce …

CSA 2014: Week 3* 
Week 3 Included: Lettuce Mix Spinach Radishes Garlic Scapes Pea Shoots Scallions This Week's Standouts: Garlic Scapes! Here's …

CSA 2014: Week 2* 
Week 2 Included: Pea Shoots Leaf Lettuce Spinach Radishes Green Garlic Scallions This Week's Standouts: Pea Shoots ! A thing of …

CSA 2014: Week 1* 
Hooray and here we go...Week 1 Included: Baby Salad Greens Mix Spicy Salad Greens Mix Spinach French Radishes Bamboo Shoots Green Garlic …

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