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CSA 2014: Week 1*

*** 2019 Update ***
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Hooray and here we go...Week 1 Included:
Baby Salad Greens Mix
Spicy Salad Greens Mix
French Radishes
Bamboo Shoots
Green Garlic

This Week's Standouts:
Fresh bamboo shoots! Simply peel outer layers to reveal a tender core for easy slicing. When cooked, they reminded us a lot of hearts of palm in taste and texture.
Green, green, green GREENS -- crazy fresh and vibrant made for super sumptuous salads and green juice.

And this is what we did with all of it...

Stir Fry for 2
Stir fried: chopped onions, sliced Green Garlic, carrots, sliced Bamboo Shoots, sliced Radishes, shredded cabbage, and broccoli + leftover chopped chicken. Tossed with a quick sauce of sriracha, peanut butter, tamari, maple syrup, water

10 Large Lunch Salads
Handfuls of the fresh, tender Mixed Greens, loaded with sliced Green Garlic, sliced Radishes nuts, seeds, chopped raw veggies + protein (boiled eggs, meat, fish or beans), sometimes cheese and always, always
homemade dressings

2 Side Ginger Salads
A couple of handfuls of the Mixed Greens + cucumbers and carrots with ginger dressing

Broth + Fish Chowder
This recipe + the sliced Bamboo Shoots and substituted Green Garlic for the garlic in the recipe. Broth for chowder: chicken frame from leftover roasted chicken with onion, carrot, Green Garlic, stems of Radishes fresh herbs and seasonings -- covered with water and boiled then simmered for 1 hour

1 Large Green Juice
Juiced the Spinach with 1 apple, 2 carrots and a half of lemon

Matzah Ball Soup
Chicken broth, chopped Green Garlic, onions, celery, Bamboo Shoots, rosemary, Radish Tops/Greens, green peas, seasonings and the most amazing (gluten free!!!) matzah balls you could imagine from my love's dear mama and whose recipe I hope to post soon. He insists these are better than any he's ever had...with or without gluten!

Promise there will be photos to showcase the weeks' bounties -- just dove in too quick to snap a shot of this inaugural haul. Stay tuned...

Got Greens? Yep, 'tis the season for greens! Try this Spring Eggs & Kale or Baked! Spring Stew + more recipes for fresh, real cooking...

*And again and again...big shoutouts and huge gratitude to our lovely CSA farm this year, Sun Dog Farm and our pick up destination Blue Ridge Grocery, a super sweet market with on site bakers and counter service for fresh eats with lots of local foods. Give them your support.

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