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CSA 2014: Week 5*

Mixed Vegetable Grill

Mixed Vegetable Grill

*** 2019 Update ***
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Week 5 Included:
Parsley & Cilantro
Head Lettuce
New Potatoes
Spring Onions
Fresh Garlic Bulb

And here's what we did with our fresh goodies...

Mexican Salad
Tossed together torn Head Lettuce, shredded cabbage, chopped Radishes, chopped tomatoes and avocados, crushed
tortilla chips with a quick dressing of Blood Orange Fused Olive Oil and balsamic vinegar (from Blue Ridge Olive Oil Company), pinches of cumin, chili powder, sea salt and a spoonful of jalapeño salsa. Topped with a leftover chicken enchilada from local bodega.

Fresh Spring Rolls
Tossed torn Head Lettuce, shredded cabbage and Spring Onions with a bit of sesame oil, fish sauce, tamari and rice vinegar. Lined rice papers with the greens mix, chopped Radishes, carrot sticks, crushed toasted almonds and sesame seeds and folded them up. Served with a quick satay sauce of peanut butter, water, Sriracha and tamari.

Mixed Veggie Grill over Lentils
Tossed Garlic Scapes (from Week 4), Spring Onions, Scallions (also from Week 4), carrots, and mushrooms in olive oil, lemon juice, herbs, salt and pepper and grilled. Served on a bed of slow-simmered lentils tossed with oil and vinegar, chopped Parsley, Cilantro and feta cheese.

Green Juice
Juiced Kale, celery, Fennel Fronds (from Week 4), Parsley, carrot, apples.

Lentil Salad with Salt & Vinegar Crispy New Potatoes + Grilled Free Range Pork Chops
Boiled then low simmered quartered New Potatoes in apple cider vinegar, kosher salt and water until tender, strained and patted dry. Added to hot skillet with grass fed butter and sliced Spring Onions until browned. Tossed with leftover grilled vegetables and lentils from above. Served with grilled Oaxacan chile-marinated pork chops from Mountain Valley Farm.

Mavenjoy Tip: This Tortilla Espanola, Frittata-style recipe is another great choice for your New Potatoes!

Cecina Adobodo Wraps
Tossed shredded Head Lettuce, Kale, and cabbage, sliced Spring Onions, Radishes, grated carrots with Blood Orange Fused Olive Oil and balsamic vinegar, jalapeño salsa, and leftover grilled pork, cut into strips. All rolled up in gluten free tortillas.

Thai Stir Fry
Stir fried chopped Spring Onions, broccoli, red cabbage, Garlic, ginger, mushrooms, Radish Greens, leftover grilled pork and tossed in a quick homemade Thai-style sauce of peanut butter, Sriracha, fish sauce, maple syrup and water. Served over brown rice.

Kale Mushroom Omelet
Sautéed Spring Onions, Kale and mushrooms in a little grass-fed butter. Folded kale mix into an omelet.

*And again...
Big shoutouts and gratitude to our lovely CSA farm this year, Sun Dog Farm and our pick up destination Blue Ridge Grocery. Give them your support and discover more local food sources to support wherever you live.

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Jun 17, 2014


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