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A Farm Jobs Revival

Not Your Daddy's Farming Jobs (but maybe your Grandpappy's)
Farming Jobs

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Farm jobs are hot and farming is cool. Good tidings for job seekers, our economy, communities and every one of us. Old-school farming is staging a comeback and that's even better. Small scale and organic farming help put people back in sync with our food production creating better stewards of our land, animals, and health by cultivating a food supply without synthetic pesticides, genetically modified organisms and toxic substances. It's healthier for consumers and also fosters a safer workplace providing better quality jobs for farm workers as well as improved conditions for farm animals and surrounding communities. It's farming closer to the way our grandparents and great grandparents farmed -- with the land.

Sowing Health, Growing Jobs

Promising trends documented in several recent studies show positive growth and paint a healthy job outlook for organic farming. According to one report, organic farms hired an average of 61 year-round employees compared to just 28 hired on conventional farms. Organic farms also hire more seasonal workers than conventional farms. Despite the economic recession, the organic industry has maintained a positive growth rate and ninety-six percent of organic operations surveyed were projecting to maintain or increase employment opportunities. The number of organic farmers must triple to 42,000 organic farmers by 2015 in order to meet projected market demand. Another report shows that the organic food industry generated more than five hundred thousand U.S. jobs in 2010 and that the use of organically produced ingredients resulted in creating 21 percent more jobs than would have been generated if ingredients were sourced from only conventional farms. For more on the strength and types of career opportunities in organic food production, read the Bureau of Labor Statistics' Occupational Outlook for Organics.

More for Our Money

Organic farming not only represents a viable source of jobs and healthier food but is also a positive force to help combat climate change, improve our watersheds and soil conditions, restore bird and bee populations and address risk factors of disease. Organic farming is a real and multifaceted investment in our economy, health and environment -- something to remember each time we choose organic food. Just imagine what organic farming could achieve with even greater demand and better policy support.

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The What, Why, How & Wow of Sustainable Farm Jobs and Opportunities

Mavenjoy highlights some very cool farm job resources and training opportunities in today's economy. A little something for everybody...

Farm Jobs & Careers in Sustainable Agriculture

  • Green Dream Jobs in Farming/Organics
    SustainableBusiness.com posts only screened positions for socially responsible and green job categories including jobs in farming and organics. Job seekers may further filter openings according to Skill Level, City/State/Country, Job Title or Keyword.
  • Farming Jobs at Backdoorjobs.com
    Backdoorjobs.com offers an excursion into unique employment opportunities for discovering and embarking on your path to fulfilling, important work. Sections include farm jobs, internships, work in the great outdoors and more. Descriptive information on each opportunity is listed by state with application updates provided.
  • Farm & Ranch Jobs in Organic Farming
    Jobs in agriculture with organic and sustainable farms and ranches are listed by posting date and include featured opportunities. Results may be further filtered by State and/or Keyword.
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  • Good Food Jobs
    A custom designed search tool to link people looking for meaningful work in the food industry with businesses and organizations seeking quality workers and talent. Search by Category (Agriculture, Business, Culinary, etc.), Job Type (FT, PT, Internship, Freelance, etc.), and Keyword of choice -- with ability to filter by paid positions volunteer opportunities or work exchange options. An advanced search function enables searching by City/State location, U.S. region, outside the U.S. and/or anywhere.
  • Jobs in Sustainable Agricultural Education
    A variety of employment opportunities plus online directories listing agricultural jobs including academic and government positions, farm internships and apprenticeships.

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  • Farm-based Education Jobs 
    Find farm-based positions related primarily to education and program development though other farming and gardening jobs are also posted.

"There are an estimated 57,900 jobs available annually in the field of agriculture, and only 35,400 graduates who have studied a field that would qualify them for those jobs."

- USDA Secretary Tom Vilsack (2015)

  • **New Listing** NESFP Farm Employment Map
    The New Entry Sustainable Farming Project offers an online map to employment opportunities primarily in Massachusetts with hover detail. A 2015 PDF Directory is also available. 

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Readers' Additions to Farm Jobs

Share Your Farm & Horticulture Jobs + Training Opportunities

Have we missed a good one? Or maybe you offer or have heard about a new farm job opening or career opportunity in agri/horticulture? If so, please add it below to our growing list.

Your Additions to Farm Jobs & Training

Click on the links below to read, rate and comment on the resources submitted by others...

Farm Manager for Wild Hope Farm,
Chester, SC - 2021
Wild Hope is a 12 acre, diverse organic vegetable operation located on a 220 acre family farm in Chester, SC. At Wild Hope, we aspire to demonstrate efficiency, …

Sprouting Farms Production Manager - Fall 2016 
The Robert C. Byrd Institute for Advanced Flexible Manufacturing (RCBI), West Virginia’s Advanced Manufacturing Technology Center is accepting resumes …

Growing New Farmers Program in Charleston, South Carolina
May - November 2016
Lowcountry Local First is currently accepting applications for the 2016 Growing New Farmers Program. Selected participants will explore their interest …

Farmers Apprentice for Talkeetna Grown at Birch Creek Ranch - Alaska 
Farmers Apprentice needed for Talkeetna Grown CSA and market garden at Birch Creek Ranch in Talkeetna, Alaska. We are a semi-remote Alaskan Homestead …

Farm Assistant at Allen Sheep Farm, Chilmark, MA. 
The Allen Farm Sheep and Wool Company is currently seeking a farm assistant starting in spring (April/May) 2014. The Allen Farm is located in Chilmark, …

Lowcountry Local First's Growing New Farmers Apprentice Program 
2016 UPDATE: Check out Local First's Current Opportunity 10-month educational training program with a structured curriculum that utilizes coursework, …

Private Gardener for Residence/Spa - Georgian Bay 
Private Gardener Location: Tiny Beaches Rd. Georgian Bay, Ontario, Canada (2hrs Northwest of Toronto) Setting: Guest house, spa and gardens located …

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