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Resources for Farmers Markets  

Ultimate Guide to Growing Your Local Farmers Market

Are you looking for a local farmers market near you? Then be sure and check out our favorite picks for finding a farmers market wherever you are.

The USDA's National Farmers Market Directory lists over 8,400 operational farmers markets, a number that has more than quadrupled since 1994. This trend bodes well for local food producers, businesses, artists, artisans, communities, economies and each one of us.

And the more the merrier...more markets, more vendors (with more local craftspeople), more farms producing, sustaining more farming families, more local businesses, consumers, institutions (Yes, our hospitals! School systems! Assisted living facilities!) buying more, more months open, more funding to improve access for all...

Attention Small Food Producers: check out what these folks are doing for hundreds of small food producers and farmers across the U.S. and could do for you too! + Our Resource Guide for Local Food Producers.

Farmers markets work on so many levels to build sustainable channels in and between rural and urban communities, for and among farmers, consumers, private and public enterprises, and for the health of our bodies, environment and commerce. We need farmers markets and we need them to be a viable, vital piece of strengthening our country for years to come.

The following resources can help us start, fund and promote farmers markets so not only do they exist in more and more places, but they also succeed for all involved.

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Farmers Markets Resources

How to Start & Operate a Farmers Market

Mavenjoy Extra: Keep up to date on the Farm Bill! Learn about the current status and new developments for this very important legislation and take action on the issues important to you.

How to Fund a Farmers Market

Mavenjoy Tip: Make your case by using this free tool to measure the economic impact of your farmers market in the community. Market Umbrella's public toolboxes offer a treasure trove of been-there, done-that wisdom from organizational and operational guides to market innovations like how to bring wireless EBT to your market.

Thrive Market

Mavenjoy Extra: Did you know there is financial assistance available to farmers and ranchers transitioning to organic systems and to existing organic farmers/ranchers who may want to add acreage, livestock or improve their conservation? It's called EQIP Support for Organic Growers, find out more here. See more funding opportunities for agricultural producers and other landowners from the Natural Resources Conservation Service. And be sure to check out our free Sustainable Agriculture Guide for more resources, tips and tools.

How to Promote & Grow a Farmers Market

Mavenjoy Tip: Make sure your senior patrons know about the Senior Farmers Market Nutrition Program by which low income seniors may qualify for coupons to use at your market.

How to  List Your Farmers Market, Farm, CSA or other Local Food Provider

  • **MORE** Farming Grants, Loans & Funding
    Our best picks for financing and funding your farm and other agricultural initiatives from both private and public sources.

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