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A Simple, Fresh & Healthy Combo

by Mavenjoy

Lunch Du Jour - Light and Fresh

Lunch Du Jour - Light and Fresh

Had to share this quickie, gluten free idea from lunch today. Sometimes I forget how silly simple and satisfying it is to eat gluten free.

Here tis and easy as...

A. 2 Organic Hard-Boiled Eggs, halved and sprinkled with sea salt and pepper and a quick drizzle of olive oil.
Kick up those eggs with these kickin' salts made by a cool little Israeli social enterprise dedicated to protecting the Dead Sea.

B. 1 Organic (mini) Cucumber, halved and shmeared with homemade babaganoush or hummus.

C. Fresh Juice
Juiced 2 organic apples (cored and seeded), 1 organic carrot, 3-4 big fistfuls of organic kale, 1/2 organic lemon + a leftover red cabbage core. Makes enough for 2.

And any variation thereof -- slap the hummus in the egg halves, drizzle the cucs with olive oil, salt and pepper, or toss the cucs into the juicer and dress the kale or carrots with the babaganoush or hummus...you get the picture.

Oh and enjoy this super fresh gluten free lunch or snack OUTSIDE, on a porch, in a tree, from a balcony, in the park...you get the picture.

Find out what's in season when and where to find fresh and local ingredients wherever you are -- including from this newly discovered Georgia favorite!

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