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Today's Green Jobs, Environmental Careers and More

Making a Living That Makes a Difference

Today's green jobs are real, they're growing, they offer something for everyone and they represent a real investment in all of our futures.

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Though green jobs are primarily associated with work that enhances our environment, this work also tackles social and economic issues including poverty alleviation, health and well-being, youth development, community revitalization, and cultural preservation.

Yes it's true, there's always been a lot of hullabaloo about green jobs and just what green jobs truly are (check out our breakdown by interest). But here's where the rubber meets the road: a job is a job is a job. GREEN JOBS, whether they're nonprofit jobs, farming jobs, or renewable energy jobs, ARE JOBS, real jobs! They are jobs for our veterans, construction workers, farmers, young and old. And they provide work that is improving our planet, our national security interests, our communities, our schools, our health and more -- not too shabby, eh?

2019 Update: An new 2019 study from Stanford University shows that the New Green Deal energy roadmaps would create almost 30 million NEW jobs while saving millions of lives a year just by reducing pollution.

Feeding some of the uncertainty surrounding both the promise and the efficacy of green jobs is the lack of standards in measuring and documenting them. Accordingly, in 2010, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) began working with others to give standardize definition, methods of collection and data for green jobs. You can follow these efforts to measure green jobs. See also this infographic for green jobs stats and information. 2013 Update: BLS reports that green jobs grew four times as fast as all other industries combined from 2010 through 2011. Note: In 2013, across the board spending cuts referred to as sequestration (from the Balanced Budget and Emergency Deficit Control Act) came into effect and resulted in the cessation of all “measuring green jobs” programs by BLS. E2 Reports have been providing comprehensive tracking of clean energy job announcements in the nation.

So at a time when jobs are so needed, what better wave to ride than jobs that may allow so many people from all walks of life to make a living AND make a difference. Sidestep the semantic hang-ups of "what exactly is a green job" or "how green is green enough" and start figuring out, can one work for you?

So...What's Your Pleasure? Take Your Pick!

To help you find and evaluate sustainable career choices and green jobs available to you, check out our guide of top picks and job finders so you can discover the right one for you.

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