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Misfits Market
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Joy Organics
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The What, Why, How & Wow of Healthy Pets

At Mavenjoy, pets are absolutely part of the family, a BIG part! So you can bet, we're all about finding anything and everything that gives us happy, healthy pets. Pets are also big business -- a $69 billion (2017) industry according to the American Pet Product Association. So naturally when we began examining the implications of decisions surrounding our health, our food, our "toys", that also meant following the trails of their every need and want too.

And tracing the origins of many pet products (ahem...pet food!), ain't always pretty! But lucky for Fido and for us, there's a wealth of holistic pet care information, organic pet food favorites and natural pet products that support healthy pets, our environment and grow a more sustainable marketplace too.

Share your must-have Natural Pet Remedy here! And discover other pet lovers' favorites too...

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Check out some of our "tried and true" picks and other cool finds for our furry, four-legged, feathered and scaled loved ones!

Organic Pet Food

Natural & Organic Pet Foods

What to look for when choosing your pet food + our best picks, where to find them and coupons! READ MORE »

Alternative Medicine for Pets

Alternative Medicine for Dogs, Cats, Livestock and More

Find out about all the alternative and holistic pet care options available for your pet...READ MORE »

Natural Pet Remedies

Natural Pet Remedies

Favorite tried and true natural pet remedies backed by the stories and photos of the people that use them and the animals that benefit...READ MORE »

Natural Organic Dog Food

Your Favorite Healthy Dog Foods

Readers' favorite picks for natural and organic dog food. Share yours too...READ MORE »

Natural Pet Food

All Your Favorite Natural and Organic Pet Foods

Share the scoop about your favorite natural and organic pet foods and recipes for dogs, for cats, for birds, and for all your livestock and other animal companions...

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Shopping Favorites for Healthy Pets

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Hollywood Feed, your local pet store conveniently located across the South. A real independent retailer offering natural and holistic pet products from a knowledgeable and passionate staff. And with a promise of "if your pet doesn't love it or you don't love it, we'll gladly replace or refund it", you'll never go wrong. And you must check out their Mississippi-made dog beds! (Disclosure: proud to have several family members working here.)

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