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The What, Why, How & Wow of Job Finders for Meaningful Work

Sustainable Choices for Making a Living That Makes a Difference

The wise who are trained and disciplined shine out like beacon lights.
They earn money just as a bee gathers honey without harming the flower,
And they let it grow as an anthill slowly gains in height.
With wealth wisely gained, they use it for the benefit of all.
- The Buddha, Sigalaka Sutta from The Issue at Hand

If you're looking for satisfying work, something that feeds you (literally and figuratively) and contributes a little something to the world too, then these job finders may have just your thing.

Resources & Job Finders for Meaningful Work

Green Jobs

Green Jobs - Finding a Job That Works for You ++

What do we mean by green jobs? And why it matters so much...READ MORE »

Renewable Energy Jobs

Find Renewable Energy Jobs

Making the promise of a clean energy economy work for you...READ MORE »

Farming Jobs

Find Farm Jobs & Opportunities in Sustainable Agriculture 

Farm job finders in sustainable agriculture and organic farming offer something for everyone...READ MORE »

Farm Internships

Find Farm Internships, Agricultural Training & Apprenticeships

Discover farming internships, training and volunteer opportunities as well as farm education programs...READ MORE »

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Green Jobs for Veterans

Find Green Jobs for Veterans

As the green economy revs up and more military servicemen and women enter the civilian labor force, green jobs and environmental careers offer...READ MORE »

Veteran Jobs

More Job Finders & Resources for Veterans

Resources and jobs for veterans exclusively for service members and military families plus new training, financial and legal resources too...READ MORE »

Farming Grants

Resources for Beginning Farmers and Farm Start-ups

Tools, funding and support to start and grow a farming business...READ MORE »

Stay Tuned for More Resources for Finding Green Jobs... Green Jobs in Agriculture - Jobs for Seniors - Eco Jobs - Construction Jobs - Solar Jobs - Jobs for Students and more...

The ABLE in Sustainable for Meaningful Work

Too often we decide to follow a path that is not really our own; one that others have set for us. We forget that whichever way we go, the price is the same: in both cases we will pass through both difficult and happy moments. But when we are living our dream, the difficulties we encounter make sense.
- Paulo Coelho
Sustainable Livelihood

If you want to find sustainable work choices, then first and foremost, we're talking about jobs and careers that must fundamentally work for YOU! Obviously, if a job is able to be sustained, then you, the one performing it, must be willing and able to do it. Consider these pointers to help guide you in choosing a livelihood that's right for you.

Likability, Interest, Enjoyment: Choose something you have an interest in, something you like, better still that you LOVE! Or take an interest in something new; explore things you never thought about doing. Or see your current occupation in a new light (an employer best practice too, formerly Springboard Forward), or uncover emerging trends in your current industry. Maybe you love working outdoors? Maybe you're the creative type? Give it due thought, forget long-held expectations, whether they're yours or others', and start doing what you love and loving what you're doing!

Talents, Skills, and Potential: Think about what you're naturally good at -- maybe it's working with numbers, with people or with your own two hands. And then assess what you've learned --whether as a student, craftsman, veteran, tradesman, creative, professional, etc. And always remember the opportunity to go deeper, hone those skills and learn more either by going to school, taking a few classes, registering for training, or becoming an apprentice.

Value, Reward, Compensation: What do you want to get out of this job or career choice? What do you need to get out of this job choice? Your employment should sustain you -- your lifestyle, your family, your goals and dreams! Sometimes the non-monetary value and rewards that come from performing your job more than make up for actual income; however, unless you're able to live within the means that your job will provide financially then you're forever swimming upstream and that's probably not sustainable. Think about what feeds you literally and figuratively -- you gotta eat!

So when you choose a job you like, one that fits your natural-born talents, your well-honed skills, limitless potential AND that compensates your mentally, soulfully and financially -- odds are it's more likely to be sustained by you. Good for you, good for employers!

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