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Natural Pet Remedies: Tried & True Favorites

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Mavenjoy is always on the hunt for natural pet remedies, especially those backed by stories about how they have successfully worked. So that means we want to hear from you. Share your favorite natural remedies for pets along with the story (and photo!) behind your tip below and check out the tips and stories that other pet lovers have posted!

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From the mildest of ailments to more serious maladies, share what has worked for you so we can learn from each other. We've even included sample posts about Mavenjoy's favorite natural remedies straight from the experiences of our very own CDO and Head of Security.

Got a Favorite Natural Pet Remedy?
Share It Here!

What natural remedies have helped your pet's ailments? Share your favorite, "tried and true" natural remedy along with your success story (and photo!) about how it works for your furry, four-legged, feathered or scaled loved ones.

Tried & True Natural Pet Remedies...

Click on the links below to read, rate and comment on "tried and true", personal favorites, backed by stories told by the people that use them and photos of the animals that have benefited from them...

Digestive Problems - Slippery Elm 
Slippery Elm powder is always in my canine medicine box. I've got 5 dogs so running to the vet for simple tummy upsets could become very expensive! Slippery …

Earaches - Tea Tree Not rated yet
My parents had an adorable toy poodle (Sugar) and like most poodles she'd get ear infections a lot if her ears weren't cleaned ALOT. She was a very …

Pain - Arnica Montana Not rated yet
Charlie Ray is the "Head of Security" for Mavenjoy , and he is also our special needs pet. Named for Ray Charles, he shares his namesake's blindness but …

Anxiety - Peppermint Oil Not rated yet
The CDO (Chief Dog Officer) at Mavenjoy is a sensitive soul. So we always keep a bottle of peppermint oil handy to calm her when she becomes a "nervous …

Click here to write your own.

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