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(Store-bought!) Cookies and Brownies and Scones, Oh My!

Better Sweets in More Ways than One

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Imagine my surprise when the chief baker-in-residence returned from the grocery store with PRE-PACKAGED, PRE-CUT dare I say, REFRIGERATED raw cookie dough?! But, oh what find!

However, he knew he would have to make a case for this unusual purchase given our penchant for homemade confections, and so he began...

"Immaculate Baking Co.'s ready-to-bake cookie dough is made with real natural and organic food ingredients!" Ok, I was listening.

"They're "cookies with a cause", giving back to community groups around the country", he continued. "And look they support the arts, in particular, by featuring a folk artist on every package."

Indeed, things were looking up for this little rebel of the store-bought variety. And to seal the deal, he concluded with, "They've got southern roots too, they're made just over the state line in neighboring North Carolina."

Done! I loved this little cookie before I even tasted it. It had beaten the odds, made it into our store-bought-confection-free zone and wheedled its way into our hearts with a good story.

Mavenjoy Extra: Immaculate's founder, Scott Blackwell and friends started the Folk Artist's Foundation to bring awareness to the historical and cultural power of folk art and to support those doing it. They've even documented the rich stories of more than 20 folk artists across the South in "All Rendered Truth: Folk Art in the American South".

So what about the cookie itself? First of all...wow, so convenient and fast! Yes, sometimes convenience and speed have their merits, especially when it comes to eating cookies. Pop these precut pieces (made with real ingredients like you would use) into the oven (Mavenjoy Tip: Consider using your toaster oven, less consumption -- energy and calories!) and five minutes in, the aroma of fresh, homemade cookies fills the kitchen and in five more minutes, you've got hot, ooey-gooey yet lightly crisp honest-to-goodness chocolate wonderment! That is, if you try the Triple Chocolate ones, which are our favorites, but you can also choose from Vanilla Sugar, Oatmeal Raisin or even Pecan Caramel Milk Chocolate... need I go on? Note: don't over cook these little guys.

Mavenjoy Extra: And if you need another reason, Immaculate Baking recently teamed up with Cookies for Kids' Cancer which works to support pediatric cancer research and therapies.

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Gluten Free Cookies Too?

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Gluten free cookies too! There's gluten free cookie dough in Chocolate Chunk. Spread a little ice cream between two of these jumbo cookies and the beloved ice cream sandwich rises again -- for gluten free'ers no less. **New Flavor** Now in Fudge Brownie Gluten Free Cookie Dough too!. (Also try this semi-homemade recipe for gluten free cookies made with brownie mix--super simple, super rich!)

So check out Immaculate Baking Co. -- great story, great website, delicious cookies plus brownies and scones and buttermilk biscuits?!?? Oh my!

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Got a Favorite Store-bought, Organic Cookie?

What's the best all natural or organic cookie that you've discovered? Although it's tough to beat homemade, hot out of the oven cookies, there truly are some worthy options of the store-bought variety. Share the store-bought cookies that have won you over and are also made with all natural or organic ingredients. What makes them so good? We'd love to hear about the company or bakery behind the cookie too -- what's their story?

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