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Organic Food Coupons: Save Money, Eat Well (with updates!)

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Organic food coupons are a sweet, little reward that make buying things we like or maybe want to try even easier to swallow. By throwing natural and organic food coupons into the mix, we get to save money, eat well, and support extra special food producers and organic food brands.

And just as committing to eating more natural organic foods simplifies our grocery shopping, seeking out organic coupons for the foods and brands we especially like can further shape our eating and buying habits for the better. Saving money is a good purchasing motivator and makes for a nice "help us, help you" scenario.

Mavenjoy TipHow about coupons for shopping at farmers markets? Yep! See how you may be eligible.

Mavenjoy TipHow about coupons for shopping at farmers markets? Yep! See how you may be eligible.

When natural and organic food brands and businesses dole out food coupons, they encourage brand loyalty, repeat purchases and help introduce new customers to their foods and existing customers to new products, plus we get to eat better without breaking the bank. So whether free grocery coupons, online coupons or printable coupons, Mavenjoy loves sharing ways to save while eating well and making a difference, especially from some of our favorite companies.

The What, Why, How & Wow of Natural and Organic Food Coupons

We try sticking with independent brands and businesses that really "wow" us to bring you as many natural and organic food coupons and savings opportunities as we can dig up. Stay tuned for more. Have you found some great organic food coupons? Share the joy here.

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Healthy & Organic Food Coupons

** Last Updated February 2021 **

    **Just Added**
  • Canyon Bakehouse
    Really great about offering coupons for their many (and darn good!) whole grain, gluten free baked goods. Mission driven to make us "love bread again, they offer different kinds of gluten free sandwich breads (rye to raisin-cinnamon), bagels and buns! Our favorites are their Everything Bagels, Heritage Style Whole Grain sandwich bread and did we mention english muffins?  All gluten free and non-GMO! 

  • Silk Plant-Based Milks and More
    A tried and true dairy alternative that keeps expanding and improving its selection. Committed to Non-GMO, renewable energy and resource preservation, Silk offers dairy alternatives with almond, coconut, cashew, oat and soy for milk, yogurt and creamer -products. Register here for frequent coupons and specials.

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SAVE 5% OFF Vital Choice Seafood Now Back In Stock + Get Free Shipping On Orders $99+ Using Code: VCAF5 at VitalChoice.com!

  • Amy's Kitchen Coupons
    As one of our favorite brands, we're thrilled Amy's is sharing coupons for some of the best vegetarian (though you'd never know it) foods on the market and is still a privately held, family-owned business supporting sustainable agriculture. So many options for stocking your freezer and pantry (in BPA-free cans, no less) made with delicious organic and non-GMO ingredients. Favorites include her chilis, burritos and enchiladas! Amy's provides a wealth of products accommodating special diets too -- gluten free, dairy free, heart healthy, low sodium, and more.

  • So Delicious Dairy Free Milks, Desserts and More
    Sign up for newsletter for exclusive, free grocery coupons on all-natural, non-GMO dairy free products including almond, cashew and coconut milks, frozen desserts, creamers and yogurts.
    Mavenjoy (Dairy-Free) Picks: So Delicious Coconut Milks in Original and Vanilla are fantastic in teas and smoothies and make great milk alternatives in pancake and cornbread recipes! And So Delicious Coconut Yogurts in Raspberry and Blueberry are super yummy especially in this breakfast quick pick recipe.

  • ** Multiple Coupons, One Site ** Mambo Sprouts Free Coupons now redirects here
    Several pages of natural and organic coupons for you to select by clicking on as many as you like (or all) and print. Some $1 and even $2 coupons too! 
    2019 Update: Sadly, Mambo Sprouts has moved on and now directs customers to a site for natural and organic savings operated by a business partner, Grocery Coupon Network (GCN). Thankfully, we can still find and clip coupons from familiar natural and organic brands, albeit mixed in with conventional brands and foods.
    Mavenjoy Tip: If you're willing to hunt, you'll likely find additional printable coupons for natural and organic grocery items at the following sites that offer multiple coupons in one place: savings.com and coupons.com.

  • Whole Foods Coupons
    **Update** Amazon acquired Whole Foods in 2017
    Now that Amazon owns Whole Foods, the best deals can be found as part of its Prime Deals.  **2019 Update** Now get additional digital coupons via the new Whole Foods app. Simply show your cashier the in-app digital coupon bar at checkout and once scanned, all eligible coupons will automatically be applied to your purchase.

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  • Applegate Organic & Natural Meats Coupons
    Printable coupons for natural and organic deli cold cuts, hot dogs, bacon, breakfast sausages and more.  Gluten free foods too! **Update** Hormel acquired Applegate Farms in May 2015

  • EarthBound Farm Coupons
    Big savings with printable coupons for organic salad mixes, greens, fruits and more -- some super new products too like fresh mixed baby kales, power greens and frozen vegetables too! **Update** WhiteWave acquired Earthbound in 2013

  • Pacific Natural Foods Coupons
    For natural and organic food coupons on items like soups, beverages, potpies, pizzas and more. **Update** Sign up for their newsletter to receive frequent coupons and special offers.
    Mavenjoy Picks: Pacific's Chicken Broth is a very worthy substitute for homemade stock and a definite pantry staple and the Creamy Butternut Squash Soup and Roasted Red Pepper Tomato Soup are treats unto themselves -- they're gluten free and organic too!

  • Newman's Own Organics Coupons
    Organic food coupons including snacks, cookies, candies, coffees, teas and more. **Update** Newman's Own has recently updated its website and we are awaiting a response about access to its coupons. 
    Read our rave about Newman's Own Organic pet foods.

  • Seventh Generation Coupons
    Ok, so technically not food but an outstanding company that deserves a big shout-out especially for its commitment to providing coupons for its excellent green cleaning supplies, baby products and more. Just sign up for the newsletter and get coupons + giveaways delivered right to your inbox.

  • CommonKindness Coupons 
    A multi-coupon source for pages of savings and this one packs a generous one-two punch: you get to clip and print free coupons and discounts while funds are donated to your favorite local charities, schools, or community services (that you get to select) every time you redeem a coupon -- all at no cost to you or your non-profit. Save and give! ** 2020 Update ** Availability and number of coupons varies, so check back often. 

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Share Your Money Saving Tips & Coupons for Organic Food

Have you found other great organic food coupons or smart ways to save for eating healthier? Please share your go-to source, brand or practice for saving money on your favorite organic foods. Feel free to include your tips and ideas for saving more while eating well and supporting great products, brands and businesses too.

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