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Why Choose All Natural & Organic Pet Foods?

And Which Ones to Try
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Diving headfirst into natural and organic pet foods opened the floodgates for us into the world of natural pet products and the businesses behind them. And what surfaced were not only products that better benefit the health of our pets, but also companies contributing mightily to a more sustainable economy that better supports people and our planet too.

Simply reading labels and tracing the sources of ingredients and materials used in our pets' products turned into an interest in the people and the businesses behind the things we give our pets, starting first and foremost with their food!

And boy have we have tried them all -- the good, the bad and the ugly -- including canned, dry, raw, homemade and home-cooked. And here's what it boils down to for us: read the package, the whole package front to back. Yes, scrutinizing the ingredients for real, whole and specific foods like chicken, spinach, and blueberries are great, but also check out where it comes from, who makes it and how. The real standouts are usually the ones that are connected to what they do and go to great lengths to communicate the "why" and "how" behind their products. That translates into better quality, customer service and business practices from the manufacturing to the marketing of what they do. Pets like people have different needs; our furry and feathered friends can have food allergies and sensitivities just like us -- pet food makers recognize this and provide options accordingly.

We can invest now in better food and better health for our pets while also investing in better businesses attuned to the social and environmental responsibilities that create a more sustainable economy for all of us. Check out favorites below and share your own too!

Natural, Organic Pet Food Favorites - Yours & Ours!

Dr. Harvey's Healthy Formulations

The What: Dr. Harvey brings uber -natural, -healthy and -quality status to foods for dogs, cats, birds and horses -- "companion animals" as he calls them. He brings this same level of excellence and care to pet treats, supplements, and grooming products as well. 
The Why: To quote the good doctor directly, his products were "born out of necessity...of frustration...out of a vision of creating something new and special." That was over 30 years ago when he set out to provide an alternative to the unhealthy food people were forced to feed their pets, and in our humble opinion it surpasses anything and everything out there.
The How: Never compromising on a single ingredient and never cutting corners for profit or efficiency, Dr. Harvey's foods follow principles of fresh, organic, holistic, natural and top quality nutrition with no added chemicals, preservatives or synthetic additives. As a nutritionist, Dr. Harvey recognizes that "health begins in the kitchen" for us and our pets.
The Wow: Customer service and then some...or more accurately, customer comfort! As you've probably surmised, Dr. Harvey is a real person and he's available and more than willing to talk to you LIVE and PERSONALLY. Whether it's a question about what protein to add for your dog or to bounce off your latest veterinary report with -- his no-nonsense, get to the heart of the matter (your pet's health) authenticity is a wealth of real wisdom and care that is absolutely priceless. He's a real hoot and half too! 

Mavenjoy Tip: Remember Dr. Harvey offers a 100% Money Back Guarantee on all products -- so try them out, your "companions" will be forever grateful and you'll be amazed at their response! You can find great prices on Dr. Harvey's products with one of our affiliates here + save 35% off your first Autoship order!

Worthy Mentions: We also love fifth-generation, family-owned and operated Fromm Family Foods and Champion Foods (Orijen / Acana) providing biologically appropriate food with fresh, regional ingredients (+ a new "kitchen" coming to Kentucky!). 

And Newman's Own, if only because we're still so taken by reading about all the good that can come from creating products of the highest quality while building a business with an integrated bottom line for social good in In Pursuit of the Common Good by Paul Newman and his business partner A.E. Hotchner. So when Newman's Own Organics came out with a line of premium pet products, we got excited. And sure enough, more great things from this great company, but now for our four-legged friends too. Their dry and canned organic pet foods for dogs and cats contain certified organic vegetables and grains and no antibiotics, hormones, chemical ingredients or artificial preservatives, colors, or additives. And in keeping with the company's commitment to contribute all after-tax profits from the royalties of Newman's Own and Newman's Own Organics to educational and charitable organizations, Newman's has chosen to donate all of the charity money generated by the sale of their pet food to organizations that support animals' well-being. Bravo! Mavenjoy TipBe sure and print your Newman's Own Organic coupons

Now Share Your Favorite Natural or Organic Pet Food...

So we've shared our tried and true pet food favorites, but they didn't come easy. We searched high and low with much trial and error for quality food made by people who care about the nutritional health of pets and about what kind of company they grow. Because different animals require different foods or a rotation of different foods (would you want to eat the same thing every day?), we are always on the lookout for more best picks for natural and organic pet foods. So please share your favorites with the rest of us.

Click below to share your own or to read, comment and rate others' favorites!

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