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Really Cooking with Our Favorite Recipe Blogs

Our Go-to Picks for Real Food Cooking

Go Local! Go OrganicGo SeasonalAnd try out Mavenjoy's very own recipes too!

Thank goodness for recipe blogs! From new twists on old favorites to creative tricks of the trade, food blogs are an automatic go-to for livening up every day cooking -- thanks to inspiration and expertise from fellow food fans. We're sharing some current favorites for healthy cooking, recipes and at times, pure art!

The What, Why, How & Wow of Healthy Recipe Blogs 

Our Mavenjoy Featured Pick is a visual wonderment that pays due homage to food blogs everywhere which we absolutely love and adore, and where we learn so many cool tips and tricks from food bloggers, far and wide. Plus our other best picks for recipe blogs continue to delight the senses and reveal some creatively amazing ways to eat well.

Favorite Recipe Blogs


The What: It is the self-described "community driven visual potluck" and rightly so. This feast for the eyes that dishes out endless ideas for the belly delights with mouthwatering snapshots for all kinds of ingenious healthy cooking recipes, tips, food finds and more.
The Why: TasteSpotting gathers up true food gems from the far-flung, wild world of online chefs, food bloggers and home cooks everywhere for sheer visual browsing enjoyment and invaluable searchability for discovering truly creative and authentic healthy cooking recipes to satisfy any and every taste bud. 
The How: Cooking by pictures...page after page of food photos that link to mostly recipe blogs but also food stories, expertise, recommendations and who knows what else? Check out the category section for a breakdown. It's a "what's behind door number 2" moment with every picture. 
The Wow: Clueless about what to cook tonight? Simply type a few ingredients that you have on hand into TasteSpotting's search box and watch your options materialize before you, literally! And it's absolutely whizbang for those of us on special diets, just search gluten free, vegan, or dairy free -- it proves no "diet" has to be limiting. 
Mavenjoy Tip: And for fellow gluten-free'ers out there, check out a TasteSpotting's Gluten Free Recipe Feed and our very own stash of gluten free recipes

  • Oh She Glows
    I think "glow", and I think healthy from the inside out, and that's exactly what you get with these recipes. The sheer creativity and taste of these recipes tramples the fact that they're so darn healthy and vegan and mostly raw! And the story behind the site is proof positive we can be what we eat, think and give back! (Try out this decadent summertime dessert recipe thanks to Oh She Glows)

Tis the season! How about seasonal recipes for the foods in season now? Check out our favorite seasonal food finds for recipes and more.

  • 101 Cookbooks
    Beautifully crafted recipes made with all natural, whole foods. Heidi Swanson's collection showcases natural foods with vegetarian recipes reflecting complete regard for whole foods and a distinct flair that is set in the context of her engaging travels and interests. Always a lovely stroll for creative cooking ideas!


  • Organic Spark
    Organic Spark celebrates food as it should be enjoyed. These recipes are my idea of new-style, old school-- the best of both worlds. Giving comfort food whole new meaning for new and different twists on old favorites to indulge in and feel good!

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