Our Favorite Deals for Fall 2022

Misfits Market
Organic Produce & Pantry Foods Delivered!

Organic Produce DeliveredOrganic Produce Delivered to Your Door! Up to 40% off Grocery Store Prices!

Get $10 off your First Box
with code COOKWME-GH4NZL

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Joy Organics
Save BIG on Organic, Pharmaceutical-Grade Hemp CBD Products at Joy Organics

Save 30% off all premium CBD

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Shop Green Guide: Shop with Heart, Mind & Soul

And Unleash Your Money Vote!

To shop green is to connect how we spend our money with what we want to support, and then everything shifts. We peek behind the curtain of "I" -- what I want, I need, I like -- and we glimpse a bigger picture -- what could be, what is needed, what works? Choosing our purchases wisely and mindfully makes us empowered stakeholders in the kind of economy we want to be a part of and help grow. We can generate more impact with our buying choices by pausing to consider what our money is supporting and how it can be part of the solution for growing better businesses, quality jobs, ethical practices, a healthier environment and more sustainable communities.

Organic Farms & Small Scale Farming

Green Your Shopping Habit

Shop with heart, mind and soul with these favorite companies. Be a part of the solution you want to see... READ MORE »

Buy In Bulk: Eat Well, Save Big

Find and share best bets for buying natural and organic foods in bulk including super surprise finds from local sources to Costco... READ MORE »

Local Food Providers: Finding Good Eats Where You Are

Amazing resources and green tips for discovering the best in buying organic food and other homegrown eats locally. READ MORE »

Community Supported Agriculture

Shop the Small Wonders: Artisan Foods from Real People

Favorite little discoveries created with honest to goodness real ingredients by honest to goodness real people... READ MORE »

Shop Favorites in Sustainable Fashion, Skincare and More

Our favorite organic style finds from American-made denim, handmade shoes, organic skincare and much more... READ MORE »

Coupons? Coupons? Get Your Organic Food Coupons

Sharing ways to save while eating well and making a difference with coupons from organic brands that will wow you... READ MORE »

Shop Seasonally: Knowing What to Eat When for Eating Well

Seasonal foods for the simplest and most natural guide to eating healthier all year round... READ MORE »

Shop Natural & Organic Foods Online

Our online favorites for flavors and fare from "backyards" across the country right to your kitchen wherever you live. READ MORE »

Shop Big Organic Food Brands Doing Big Good

Check out our favorite BIG brands that are going beyond natural and organic + must-have food shopping tools and tips... READ MORE »

Online Prescription Glasses with Real Vision 

Super cool company for designer prescription eyewear with unlimited free home try-ons + buy a pair, give a pair program... READ MORE »

Community Supported Agriculture: The Mother Lode of Good Food

These three words are the best kept secret for the very best in natural and organic food + tips and resources for finding or starting a CSA program... READ MORE »

Local Farmers Market

Shop Local Farmers Markets

Enjoy a local farmers market wherever you are. Tips and tools for finding and supporting farmers markets where you live and when traveling... READ MORE »

Discover Natural & Organic Pet Food Faves

What to look for when choosing your pet food + our best picks, where to find them and coupons! READ MORE »

Gluten Free Shopping

Top picks and favorite finds for gluten free foods, plus gluten free alternatives to gluten foods. Share your favorites too... READ MORE »

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Favorite Deals for 2022
Favorite Deals from Our Favorites

Reel Premium Bamboo Toilet Paper & Paper Towels - Delivered

Premium Bamboo Toilet Paper & Paper Towels

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Misfits Market - Organic Produce and Pantry Staples, DELIVERED

Joy Organics
Save BIG on Organic, Pharmaceutical-Grade Hemp CBD Products at Joy Organics

Save 20% off USDA Certified Organic CBD

or Get 15% Off  Your Order Any Time at Joy Organics with coupon code: Mavenjoy

ABLE Clothing
for Sustainable, Ethical Fashion

Shop ABLE's Best Deals of the Season

Warby Parker
High Quality Eyewear & Contacts

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